GLO Sculpt910 Anticellulite Cream

GLO Sculpt910 Anticellulite Cream

Remodeling Anti-cellulite cream with molecular active ingredients to smooth out orange peel skin and improve body flaccidity.
Revolutionary anti-cellulite formula with clinically proven results.
Designed to help you reduce the appearance of orange peel skin as well as to help reduce stubborn fat on your thighs, belly, knees or arms. You will notice more even skin and a slimmer figure where it matters most.

This anti-cellulite and slimming body cream is supercharged with nano-encapsulated active ingredients, allowing for a superior result to any conventional body cream.

It is formulated with botanically derived biotechnological active ingredients that have been clinically proven to:

- Reduce the appearance of cellulite.
- Activate the fat burning mechanism.
- Improve skin elasticity and firmness.
- Revitalize micro-circulation and reduce edema.

It is ideal for treating areas of the body such as hips, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, arms, knees and even the double chin.