GETXGO® Fireproof and Water-resistant Backpack+Document Pouch

Silver Grey

Whether it's home fire or wildfire, your essentials will be protected from the elements with high-quality double-layer coated fiberglass construction. It's a portable solution for money, passports, important documents, or electronics.

We included reflective elements to alert automobiles to your presence at night. And for those of you in cities, you know the importance of not attracting unwanted attention, so we made our kits in discrete colors for your safety.

*Backpack only (no supplies included)

Silicone coated fiberglass withstand up to 1000°C (1832°F)
Backpack Size: 19.5in x 13in x 5in
Document Pouch Size: 15inx11in
Fire-resistant B1 certified Material - Hardly Flammable
Fire-resistant: Silicone coated fiberglass withstand up to 1000°C
Multipurpose Storage Organizers – Ideal for home, office, or travel use our fireproof and water-resistant document bags to help you stay organized and protect important valuables wherever the day might take you.
‎Reflective logo keeps you safe at night
Muted color to avoid unwanted attention
Durable & Clamshell Design for easy access
Reinforced Closures and Zippers – We use a dual hook-and-loop closure and heavy-duty zipper to keep items safe and dry. In fact, even our zipper is fire and water resistant to ensure these bags never let you down.