EcoWasher Ozone Laundry System

EcoWasher Ozone Laundry System

Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and detergent cover-ups! Experience the REAL CLEAN with the all new and improved EcoWasher®! Inspired by hospital trusted technology, EcoWasher® is a patented and proven oxidizing laundry and cleaning device designed with your health in mind. By working with your existing washing machine and water supply, EcoWasher® transforms ordinary cold water into a natural oxidizing agent to deep clean, deodorize and disinfect your laundry and more without the use of toxic laundry detergent or other hazardous cleaning products.


Uses Patented Ozone-Infusion Technology to Transform Ordinary Cold Water Into a Powerful Natural Cleaning Agent.

Easily Connects to Your Existing Washing Machine & Cold Water Supply Within Minutes - No Plumbing Experience Required!

Verified by Independent Lab Testing to Reduce Common Germs Such as E.Coli, and Staph Infection Without the Use of Laundry Detergent, Chemical Additives or Hot Water.

Keeps Fabrics Soft, Bright and Fresh, and Helps to Extend the Life of Your Washing Machine.

Features a digital LCD screen which allows you to control ozone levels and monitor water flow and temperature.

Includes a Stainless Steel Auxiliary Hose Attachment, Allowing You to Take the Purifying Power Beyond the Laundry Room to Clean and Disinfect Carpets, Surfaces and More!

Includes 1 Year Factory Warranty + Free Gift with Purchase