Donut Delights Bath Bomb Box

Donut Delights Bath Bomb Box

Add a boost of sugary bliss to your bath with our newest donut treats, made fresh daily just for you!
Each donut bath bomb is made with stress melting epsom salt, detoxifying kaolin clay and sweet almond oil for skin so smooth you'd never think it came from a donut.
You'll feel like you're floating in sugary clouds of bliss with every bath.

Each bath bomb weighs a whopping 6 ounces and each box comes with:
- 1 Berry Whip Donut Bath Bomb
- 1 Vanilla Sprinkle Donut Bath Bomb
- 1 Peachy Lemon Donut Bath Bomb
- 1 Unicorn Candy Donut Bath Bomb
- 1 Watermelon Splash Donut Bath Bomb
- 1 Sugar Crush Donut Bath Bomb

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