Cocktail Smoking Chimney

Cocktail Smoking Chimney

The Crafty Cocktail has created this one of a kind Cocktail Smoking Chimney! Take your cocktails to the next level. This is the only cocktail smoker on the market that doesnt require any additional fuel! You burn the wood of the chimney itself to infuse your cocktail. Patent Pending

This listing Includes:

1 - oak cocktail smoking chimney

Each cocktail chimney measures approximately 4"x4"x2. and last for over 250 cocktail smokings depending on the length of burn.

How do you use the Cocktail Chimney?
- Make your cocktail in the rocks glass
- Place the cocktail chimney on top of your glass and begin lighting with the torch
- Place the torch close the the bowl of the chimney and force the smoke down into the glass
- Let sit for 20-30s (depending on desired amount of smoke)
- Remove chimney and enjoy!

You can also purchase The crafty cocktails cocktail infusing powder to experiment adding other wood flavors to your cocktail. Follow these steps below:

- Place the powder inside the chimney bowl and light with the torch
- Place your empty rocks glass overtop of the chimney to collect the smoke
- Mix your cocktail in a separate glass
- Flip your smokey glass over and pour in your cocktail and Enjoy!

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