Brookstone Series 5 Massage Chair


The new Brookstone Series 5 Massage Chair transports you into a deeply relaxed state removed from modern life’s mental and physical stress.

The Thera-Tech 3D massage Robot combined with Accu-Pressure Massage provides a full-body experience. Rejuvenating Omni-Directional foot massagers squeeze and knead tired feet. Completing the immersive experience are Hi-fidelity Bluetooth speakers. The Series 5 was designed with an eye for form following function and bespeaks high performance and style. 

3D L Track Thera-Tech™
The Ultra-long L-Track cradles your body as the neck, back and glutes are massaged with precision. The Series 5 features the Thera-Tech™ 3D engine equipped with quad rollers for an incredibly effective massage. The Series 5 promotes total body wellness kneading out tight neck and shoulder muscles, stretching and elongating the spine.

Body Scan Technology
Each time you sit down, your massage chair gets to know you with a quick body scan. Locating your shoulders, digitally mapping your back, and providing the data back to the chair. This ensures precise placement of the rollers for an unbeatable experience.

Adjustable Leg Extension
The adjustable leg extension will accommodate everyone in the house with 8 inches of length adjustment.

Full Body Accu-Pressure Compression Massage
Waves of air compression stimulate the circulatory system, helping speed recovery and eliminate toxins from the body. 30 air bags in the shoulders, hands, arms, feet, and calves relax your body with soothing compression massage.

Massage Programs
Finding your maximum relief is easy with 10 automatic massage programs (Gentle, Relax, Stretch, Vigorous, Spine Care, Stretch, Chinese, Thai, Swedish, Japanese) and Demo. Detailed programs combine massage techniques specific to the massage region for the most therapeutic massage available. Each massage session is 15 minutes / the massage time can be set freely (5-30min).

Lumbar Heat Therapy
Therapeutic Lumbar heat helps relax the muscles of the back to reduce pain, promote healing, and facilitates stretching of the muscles for a more effective massage.

Hi-Fidelity Blue Tooth Speaker
Surround yourself with soothing sounds or music from hi-fi speakers.

One-Touch Zero Gravity
The Zero Gravity position elevates the knees above the heart, which allows the spine to decompress from gravitational pressures.

Omni-Directional Foot Rollers
Relaxing foot massage squeezes and kneads to rejuvenate tired feet.


- 3D L-Track Technology
- Wired LCD Remote Control
- Zero Gravity Recline
-10 Auto Programs
- Bluetooth Speakers
- Chromotherapy LED Lights
- Back Scanning Technology
- Spot Massage
- Foot Rollers

Dimensions: 62.2”L x 29.5”W x 46.5”H

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