BONECO 47.7" Pedestal Fan, Adjustable 19.3" OR 33.5" OR 47.7"


What is your product,, how does it work? The fan is our most versatile fan. The head of the fan can be rotated 270 degrees, so it can be pointed to virtually anywhere you’d like. The superior air circulation is achieved by 3 main points: the single-arm design allows for maximum air intake, the deep pitch fan blades draw large amounts of air through the fan, and the unique curved shape of the front grill boosts the fans airspeed. This all allows for a truly versatile fan. Point it at the ceiling for the signature air shower feeling and to reduce hot and cold zones, direct air between multiple floors, pull fresh air indoors, or use it with your air conditioner or furnace to achieve a uniform temperature within your space. The height is adjustable by adding or removing the connector poles. The fan is perfect for single rooms, large open spaces, or rooms with high ceilings.
-Product Dimensions 47.7'' H x 14.8'' W x 14.8'' D /Weight 19.6 lb.
-Product Material - PLASTIC
-Power Source - Wall Plug in
-Installation/Assembly Required - NO /Instructions Included YES /Warranty 3 Years /Manual - INCLUDED