BackOSage™ 8-in-1 Decompression Massage Belt


Meet the #1 Decompression Instant Pain Relief. BackOSage 8-in-1 Decompression Massage Belt is the support your back needs. Decompress lower back joints and spinal discs while lifting the upper body weight off of your lower back. The belt inflates with air which stretches and retracts the lower back. This gentle traction helps decompress the spinal discs and allows the spine to align to its natural position. Combining 8-in-1 technology, this belt will give you the relief that you've always wanted and needed.

Graphene tech & 3 different heat settings to relieve pain and enhance relaxation
Stabilizes the lower back & improves posture and Soothes tired, achy muscles & assist in lumbar pain relief
Reduces inflammation & targets the pain and Produces far infrared wavelength to generate heat for the body
Helps with recovery & adds relaxing therapy to your session
Helps promote blood flow

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