AmaMedic AM-4602 Kneading Eye Massager


After a day of typing on the computer or scrolling through your phone, your eyes deserve a break. The Amamedic Eye Massager provides relief from the harsh blue light emitted from screens, while also calming and relieving the, often overused, muscles of your visage.

Confidently fall asleep in the middle of a massage without worrying about turning off your Amamedic Eye Massager. Intelligently built with an automatic shut off timer, this device will shut down after ten minutes of continuous use. Relax to the sounds of rain or to the strum of a guitar by pairing the Eye Massager to your mobile device. Fully bluetooth enabled, this device allows you to seamlessly listen to your own audio. Additionally, the Amamedic Eye Massager comes equipped with a variety of calming music to be utilized without having to pair your own mobile device.

The Kneading Eye Massager has a variety of unique massage modes to satisfy any user. Mix it up by using a higher intensity with heat, or wind down with a gentle rejuvenating massage. Facilitate healthy blood flow and release muscle tension using a heated massage. Easily toggle the use of heat on or off by a simple press of the power button.

- 10 Minute Times
- Bluetooth Connectivity
- Four Massage Modes
- Heat Therapy