MiHIGH Relax Heated Massage Gun

MiHIGH Relax Heated Massage Gun

True relaxation starts with proper recovery. The Relax Heated Massager offers powerful benefits through heat therapy and massage combined for deeper, faster relaxation.

The Massager’s heat applicator uses warmth to stimulate blood flow – speeding muscle recovery and repair, so you bounce back faster and better than ever.

With six attachments designed to relieve tension, soreness, and aching muscles, Relax is a one-step, full-body tool that aids in faster recovery, better circulation, and deeper relaxation.

• Percussive Massage Technology
• Relieves Presssure On Contact
• Promotes Circulation and Recovery

- Heated Attachment
- 5 Other Attachments
- 1400-3200 RPM
- 5 Hour Battery Life

What's Included:
- Massager
- 6 attachments including 1 heat head
- Universal charger
- Carry case