Urban Tectuff Leather Slim Wallet


Flexible, lightweight and front pocket friendly! Urban Wallets feature durable Tectuff Leather which resists abrasions, scuffs, oil stains and water. These features allow our wallets to last up to 10x longer than traditional leather wallets.

Take your wallet to the next level and pair with the Tile Slim (not included). The slimmest Tile lets you track the location of your wallet from your phone using the free Tile app. You can even make your wallet ring to find it even faster! With all the important stuff you carry like your ID, credit cards, passport and cash, Tile gives you the peace of mind knowing your wallet can never be lost or stolen for long! Place the Tile Slim in its designated smart pocket in any of the Urban Wallet and you're ready to go.

  • Made from premium long-lasting Tectuff leather
  • Holds up to 6 cards
  • Card barriers to keep your cards safely in place
  • Easy-slide thumb slot for quick card access
  • Built-in Tile Slim pocket
  • Approximate dimensions: 3.95"L x 2.65"W x .40"H