Twinkly - Smart Music USB Dongle for LED Lights

$35.99 $39.99

Have you ever looked at a beautiful twinkling light display paired with a thundering soundtrack and said, "I wish I could do that!"? With Twinkly Music, you can.

Twinkly Music is a USB-powered device that enables all Twinkly devices to create amazing effects in sync with music. Equipped with a very sensitive digital microphone and powerful multicore DSP, Twinkly Music is capable of identifying and interpreting any source of music reproduced in your environment, whether it's classical Christmas songs or ultimate techno music, enabling your lights to follow the beat for a WOW-effect audiovisual experience.

By simply pressing the button, you can easily change the music driver to obtain the perfect effect and the ideal atmosphere, for whatever the occasion may be.
Easily configurable via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, Twinkly Music is controlled using the free Twinkly App, available for iOS and Android. Suitable for indoor use only, rated IP20.

Ultimate Audio-Visual Experience

The Music Dongle allows Twinkly Lights to sync with any music for an impressive light show.

Integrated Digital Microphone

The Music Dongle will analyze music and give shape to the sound.

USB Connectivity

The Twinkly Music Dongle is USB powered to produce the lighting effects.

Multiple Light Groups

Twinkly Music Dongle will work with Twinkly groups of lights and can be configured to drive only selected Twinkly devices.

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