Transloetje Wireless Rechargeable Lamp


The Fatboy® Transloetje table lamp was born to be the center of attention. Iconic transparent design, energy efficient LED lighting and touch-activated technology make this small table lamp truly unique. Inspired by the Fatboy® Edison the Petit, but with a totally transparent look.

What you see is not always what you get, but with Transloetje, you see everything. Stylish ton sur ton wiring on the inside, completely cordless on the outside. A rechargeable and completely portable table lamp for up to 12 hours of wireless illumination. What's more, Transloetje is touch-activated, so you have total control simply by tapping the base.

• Wireless and rechargeable
• Measures 10" x 6"
• Material: Polycarbonate
• Weight: 1 Lb
• LED Kelvin: 2700
• UL Certified