TOWNEW T3 Slim Self-Sealing & Self-Changing 3 Gallon Trash Can


An all new self-sealing, self-changing system.
TOWNEW T3 Slim uses the new ASAR 3.0 technology, with a new speed increased by 100% and operating efficiency increased by 120%. That means self-sealing and changing is not only faster, but the energy consumption is also lower.
Latest sensor technology will detect movement and approaching objects from the distance of up to 35 cm and conveniently opens the lid up on its own. Keeping your hands free from the can which helps reduce any cross-contamination, making your home, a healthier place.
TOWNEW T3 Slim detects when the trash can is too full, lifting the whole top compartment so it can seal the bag, guaranteeing you no spillage. All you have to do is grab the bag and toss it away.
Designed to be more space efficient, TOWNEW T3 Slim is the newest, slimmer automatic trash can.
TOWNEW T3 Slim uses a Micro USB charging port that can be used for general charging. The charging time is approximately 5 hours, meaning it can be used for 60 days.
TOWNEW T3 Slim is the perfect addition to the bathroom and any other zones near water, this automatic trash can has a IPX3 protection rating, meaning that no splash or drops will damage it since is waterproof.

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