Total Body Band Bundle - Full Body Workout

$85.00 $120.00
Total Body Band Bundle - Full Body Workout

Designed for athletes, by athletes, The Total Body Band provides an efficient full body workout anytime, anywhere.

Weighing less than a pound with hundreds of exercises, it can fit in the smallest bag to be taken with you while on the road or on vacation. The patented technology and design allow you to work within all planes of motion to include the entire body, eliminating the need to introduce any other form of equipment. The patented Comfort Ankle Cuffs get rid of chafing and discomfort for your best resistance training, cardio, core, or boxing workout ever.

- The Light TBB resistance is great for beginners. Perfect for beginners.
- The Medium TBB resistance is great for people who are already active looking to add something new to their fitness routine. 
- The Heavy TBB resistance is great for the conditioned athlete. 

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