Titan TI-S1 Shiatsu Heated Massage Armchair


The all new Shiatsu Armchair, designed by Titan, offers leading quality and technology in its advanced massage system. The Titan Shiatsu armchair is engineered to lend itself to look more like everyday furniture. This massage armchair is perfect for the office, home or dorm room. It’s lightweight and extremely affordable adding great value to any room. The Titan Shiatsu Armchair is constructed with top quality furniture standard materials and a solid wood structure that gives it a clean modern finish. This illustrious new addition to the Titan family incorporates two differentiated massage modes with an optional heated function.

Take a load off in your new Titan Shiatsu Armchair.

Heated Massage Roller
Dealing with muscle tension and back pain in the middle of the workday? The Shiatsu Armchair’s heated massage roller helps to release muscle tension and promotes healthier blood circulation while soothing your nerves.

2 Massage Modes
The Titan Shiatsu Armchair provides two unique massage techniques: Shiatsu and Rolling. Try each one to find your favorite, or manually switch between the two for maximum effectiveness.

Adjustable Massage
Titan’s Shiatsu Armchair is equipped with one of the most customizable massages on the market, with two speeds, three regions, and varying widths & positions. Mix and match all of the options to find the perfect massage for yourself every time.

Remote Control
Maintain total control over your Shiatus Armchair with the fully utilized remote control. Access all functions of your chair quickly and efficiently with only a few quick clicks.

Massage Timer
Feel free to fall asleep mid-massage with the Shiatsu Armchair’s fully realized massage timer. After reaching the desired time, your Shiatsu Armchair will automatically power down, saving energy and providing the right amount of time for a soothing massage.