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The Chiller with Picnic Tote
SKU : 003-013-ORIGINAL

The Chiller with Picnic Tote

SKU : 003-013-ORIGINAL
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The Chiller with Picnic Tote

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Picnic Tote Highlights:

✓ Fashionable, Comfortable, Durable & Water Resistant!

✓ Keeps Chiller Cold up to 24 Hours

✓ Insulated Section for Food & Drinks

✓ Plus stores Wine Cups, Snacks, Tablet & Picnic Blanket


The Perfect Picnic Companion

The Picnic Tote packs everything you need for a great day of fun in the sun. It’s like a picnic basket and a shoulder cooler had a baby… but better! We built it to carry everything you need for a lovely afternoon with your friends, family or significant other.

Keeps The Chiller Cold for 24 Hours

The Picnic Tote is designed to perfectly insulate our Chiller product, keeping your drinks ice cold for 24 hours. Just freeze the Chiller overnight, load it into your Tote, and enjoy cold drinks all day long.

Lots of Storage Space

The Tote is designed to carry a Chiller and up to 12 cans or 3 wine bottles, plus 2 wine cups, plenty of snacks, a tablet, and a picnic blanket or beach towel via straps underneath the bag. The insulated compartment can also keep food warm or cold.

Comfortable Fit

We want you to be able to load the Tote up with everything you need, so it has to be comfortable! The straps are fully adjustable and include a padded section for additional shoulder comfort.

Keeps Your Gear Secure

The insulated Chiller compartment zips closed for security while traveling. The upper storage compartment has a zipper pocket and also includes a snap to hold items in place, and the strong magnetic buckle clasps on the front ensure your Tote items will stay secure when you're on the move. Additional straps beneath the bag can be used for a picnic blanket, beach towel, jacket, or other items.

Style Meets Function

The Picnic Tote combines the best aspects of tote bags and shoulder coolers with convenience and style. It's durable enough to handle the sand, grass, and other elements, and also you’ll look great wearing it. The Tote is also great with or without the Chiller - pack food and drinks in the insulated compartment, or enjoy the extra storage space for other items. Pick one up today - your future self will love you for it!

This combo includes The Chiller:

Chiller Highlights:

✓ Actively Cools Drinks For 6+ Hours

✓ Chill Beer + Wine + Spirits & Much More

✓ Chill a New Round Every 30 Minutes

✓ Simply Freeze It - Load It - and Go!


The Chiller is an innovation in portable beverage cooling. Enjoy ice cold drinks - without the ice! Save time skipping the store, save money skipping the bag of ice, and save the environment by using less plastics and water. We donate a portion of every purchase to support clean water projects via

The Chiller is a convenient cooler alternative that's perfect both at home and away. Simply freeze it, load it, & go!


Enjoy Hours of Cold Drinks Without the Ice

Coolers can be a pain to use - literally! They're heavy, bulky, and worst of all - they require ice. Most often this means a trip to the store to spend money on ice bags. The Chiller was designed to solve these problems - It's compact and lightweight, and its small enough to take anywhere.

Instead of ice, the Chiller is powered by freezing gel inside its walls. Simply freeze it overnight, load it with drinks, and hit the road! The Chiller pays for itself in a few uses and helps save you time and energy otherwise spent dealing with a cooler.

Support the Environment

It's also environmentally friendly - when you stop buying bags of ice, not only do you save money but you also cut down waste of single use plastics and clean drinking water. Clean water access is a global issue, and to help, a portion of every Chiller sale is donated to support clean water projects around the world. Every Chiller is also built with recycled materials in its construction and packaging to further support our environmental mission.

Use It Everywhere

The Chiller was designed for day trips - BBQs, beach days, tailgates, picnics, even road trips! - those times when an ice cold drink would be awesome but lugging a big cooler around is a drag. The compact Chiller design means you can enjoy that 'cold drink on a hot day' moment anywhere your day takes you, with none of the hassle.

Fits All Your Favorite Drinks

The Chiller was meticulously designed for versatility - it chills nearly all standard size cans and bottles with its dual entry design. On one side you can chill three 12 to 16 oz cans or bottles and through the other you can chill larger wine or spirits bottles. It fits a wide range - from 12 oz beer and soda cans to 16 oz tall boys to beer bottles to water bottles, and most types of 750 ml or 1000 ml wine and spirits bottles.

Enjoy Round After Round

You may be thinking, 'but The Chiller only cools 3 drinks?' - the beauty of this design lies in its ability to be cycled. In as few as every 30 minutes you can take out a cold round of drinks and put in a new one for cooling. The Chiller will keep this pace up for a full 6 hours, meaning cooling a 24 pack of beer or 6+ bottles of wine in a single sitting is no problem at all. The Chiller will cool your drinks at a rate of up to 20 degrees per hour.

Built To Last

The Chiller is built to last forever. We prioritized quality over cost to deliver you a durable, high-grade cooling product that will stand the test of time. However, if for any reason you ever do have an issue, simply shoot us a note and we’ll be happy to send you a replacement right away. We stand by our products with a 1-year manufacturers warranty.

Up to 24 Hours of Cooling

The Chiller stays powered for 6 hours by itself out and about in the sun. Keep it shaded or in a bag to keep cooling even longer. For maximum performance, we guarantee up to 24 hours of cold drinks with our insulated Adventure Pack or Picnic Tote companions. These bags keep the Chiller perfectly insulated and come with a ton of other neat features for your adventures.

Deck Out Your Chiller

The Chiller looks great by itself, but we love a little flair! Select one of our patterned Chiller variations to personalize the look of your Chiller to match your style.

Dimensions: Tote: 7.5" L x 15" W x 15.25" H ; Chiller: 10.75" L x 6.25" H x 6.00" W