The Aerium: Natural Air Purifier


Introducing the world's first natural air purifier that uses algae to clean the air we breathe. The aerium removes carbon dioxide and produces oxygen as effectively as 25 house plants for a fraction of the cost, time, and space. Additionally, it filters out allergens from the air such as dust, pollen, and bacteria. This product works synergistically with your home garden as the algae can be used as an all-natural organic fertilizer for your plants.

To ensure that your algae are growing as efficiently as possible, we offer a subscription service (sold separately) that provides fresh algae, algae food, and replacement air filters to ensure the system is low maintenance and easy to use. The subscription is based on your unique growing cycle and should be changed every 1-2 months.

Product Details:
Designed to improve the air quality in a room up to 10ft x12ft
Reduces carbon dioxide, produces oxygen, and removes particulate matter
A unique blend of elegance, simplicity, and functionality.
The premium glass design offers superior optical clarity and durability for effective sterilization in standard dishwashers
Both the algae container and silicone lid are safe to run through the dishwasher
LED light for continuous photosynthesis
Capable of growing 1.5 L of microalgae in a cycle
Warranty: The aerium comes with a 6-month limited warranty
Product Specifications:
Dimensions: 17”x 8”x 8”
Weight: 2.87 lbs (dry weight)
Volume: 1.5 L
Power: 110V US Plug
Filters: 0.22 micron inline filter, 0.1 micron lid filter, and biological algae filter
LED light source
Designed, manufactured and packaged in Maryland, USA.