THW ThawTHAT Simply Defroster


Don't ever defrost in water or in the microwave! Redesigned for the individual or small family, our award-winning defroster now comes in a compact size while maintaining the same defrost capabilities. Features a unibody defrost surface and a drip-catch channel, this defroster does not need to be "charged" under warm water and it does not need batteries nor electricity. Our proprietary thermal liquid fills the chambers underneath the defrost surface to defrost frozen chicken breasts in approximately 20 minutes. Forgot to deforst your meat after you come home? Throw your unpackaged froxen items onto this defroster, go take a shower, and it'll be ready to cut/marinate when you're done!


• No batteries, electricity nor hot water needed; proprietary thermal liquid inside draws cold away from frozen meat placed on the surface.
• Defrosts quickly and naturally and locks in all the natural juices
• Food grade anodized aluminum provides a sanitary surface to defrost
• No moving parts; defroster works right away and will keep working.

Dimensions and Weight

7-1/4 x 10-1/2"
3.3 lbs gross shipping weight