SPRYNG Recovery Calf Wrap

As Black As My Heart (Black)

Whether you’ve had a rough leg day, spent hours sitting at your office, or just finished a marathon, SPRYNG™ is the ultimate recovery device to help you get going again in just 15 minutes. This revolutionary calf wrap uses patented compression profiles that work seamlessly with sophisticated pneumatic pumps to deliver deep tissue massage and effective active compression therapy clinically proven to help relieve pain, reduce swelling, improve circulation, speed up recovery, and improve performance.

Clinically proven to provide recovery in 15 minutes
100% wireless recovery experience
Portable and light, fits in any gym bag or hand carry
Rechargable up to 10 therapy sessions, over 2.5 hours of world class compression
2 choices of compression modes and 3 intensities to suit anyone's recovery needs
Works with Mini-USB charger

SPRYNG is clinically proven to give results in just 15 minutes
Improves circulation, relives tired and achy legs, reduces swelling, improve performance
FDA Class 1 registered product