Spatial natural 3D Stereo Bluetooth DSP Headphones


“Music creates magical emotions. Without emotions, it is only noise” If you are looking for the ultimate machine to render musical emotions, you have come to the right place. Xtyle Odeon (XO) has created the ultimate headphones for music lovers. Wave Beach 3D headphones is setting a higher standard in experiencing your digital music. It is to music what 3D movies are to classic movies. It brings together high precision acoustic and a timeless design suited for today’s modern lifestyle. Enjoy every second of your first contact with Wave Beach 3D: Unpack it from its luxurious case and feel how light and comfortable it feels. Adjust the sliding lateral bars to your head size, and feel how it is cushy around your earcup. Notice how incredibly silence your surrounding has become. Wave Beach 3D earcup’s design insulates your from surrounding noise, providing an ultra high efficiency passive noise cancellation. Wave Beach 3D has been designed for long play sessions and everyday use. With high quality speakers, headphones comfort is a key component of our music listening experience. Wave Beach 3D has a generous padding that provide both pleasing contact with your ears and ultra efficient sound insulation for long hours. The leatherette covering the head band is soft to your head and you can adjust it perfectly to your shape with the sliders. Weighting only 6.56 ounces, it is remarkably light for such high performance. Now plug to your smartphone or connect by Bluetooth and rediscover your music library. As it stands, Wave Beach 3D provides an amazing sound performance, in a precisely balanced music equilibrium : Feel the deep bass, enjoy the perfect balance of acoustic, notice the clarity of a lead vocal singer’s voice, you can hear suddenly the crisp details of each instrument. Suddenly, your music becomes richer, and you love it!: Whether you love Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock, Pop, Electro, Jazz or Blues, you will feel the original emotion of your first listening. Wave Beach 3D is setting a higher bar in experiencing music that has never been reached before: By partnering with digital signal processing specialist Global Delight, we have created the ultimate, optimized combination of hardware and software that delivers a purely incredible and vivid 3D surround effect to your music experience. Wave Beach 3D reveals its full power by enhancing the stereophonic 3D surround with Boom player , much like a 3D movie compared to a regular movie. Get ready for an alluring sensation of musical depth perception like you have never heard before, thanks its state-of-the-art software. The experience is larger than life, and your adrenalin will kick in instantaneously! A whole new music emotion fills you, when you have Beach 3D with Boom playing. You will really enjoy your music in a completely new living immersive 3D sound experience! With no additional hardware, Boom is a software-based DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that taps into the computing power of your device, to create this enlarged 3D stereophonic natural effect that you can control at yoour fingertips right from the app. Boom’s music player also offers several preset equalization profiles suited for different music styles. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices Use the acivation card included in your Wave Beach 3D to download for free Boom app on your smartphone. Boom lets you use different equalization presets, and activate the 3D surround sound effect. (permanently enabled for Wave Beach 3D customers, while otherwise, it is disabled after a 5-day trial period). PLEASE NOTE CURRENTLY BOOM APP FOR IOS CANNOT BE DOWNLOADED OUTSIDE OF THE USA. Ubiquitous smartphones and their companion Bluetooth technology have popularized wireless. Beach 3D lets you choose between plugging to your device with a 3.5mm plug (please note in that case you cannot take calls as there is no built in microphone on the cable) , or by Bluetooth. You can pair up to 2 devices simultaneously, control music volume, tracks, play, pause or simply take a call right from your headset. Beach headset lets you live your life freely. 1 Year warranty.

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