The SmithShaper® SQUATX™ MAX PLUS 85 Exercise System is our most robust fitness package. It includes two durable and compact SmithShaper multipurpose exercisers that together enable EIGHTY-FIVE exercises in all. There are sufficient exercises to choose from so that on any given day you can perform the WoD exercises that best fits your needs. You can workout your entire body anywhere, indoors or outdoors, with the exercisers provided in this total physical conditioning and strength training bundle. This includes the proven SQUATX PRO rolling bodyweight and resistance band exerciser and the TR-BAR™ PLUS (33-inch bar) tee resistance band strength and balance exerciser. The TR-BAR PLUS is the big brother of the T-BAR as it includes a wide grip top bar that is detachable and increases the number of exercises that can be performed.

Another helpful aid in this stacked SQUATX MAX PLUS 85 package, is the the SmithShaper® Super Pad, a shock absorbing and comfortable anti-fatigue exercise kneeling pad for knee and elbow protection during workouts.

Not only will the EIGHTY-FIVE exercises prevent you from getting bored with your daily workout, they will also challenge you and help you increase your core strength and balance as you target muscle groups throughout your body including legs, glutei, abs, obliques, chest, shoulders and arms. The SQUATX MAX Exercise System includes a 20 inch x 13.5 inch adhesive vinyl door poster that contains all EIGHTY-FIVE exercises. You can use the chart to determine what muscles you want to work and then use the provided muscle codes and exercise instruction list to identify the different exercises to work those muscles.

The first multipurpose exerciser included in the SQUATX MAX 85 package is the SQUATX™. Many of the EIGHTY-FIVE exercises involve the SQUATX. This includes perfect posture wall squats and various other body shaping and strengthening exercises. SQUATX exercises span from beginner forearm ab rolls through to advanced spider man push-ups. Several combination exercises are possible on the device (e.g. rolling wall squats while simultaneously performing chest presses, Ice Skaters while performing biceps curls, lunges while doing shoulder presses, etc.)

As the SQUATX can be worn on your back like a backpack, the ability to MOVE and SHADOW BOX (punch) with loop band resistance is one of the fun cool new exercises unique to the device. And when doing so, you won’t have to worry about any discomfort from band tension burns because unlike traditional unanchored exercises, the SQUATX is worn so the resistance band(s) won’t contact your skin. Also, the SQUATX comes with innovative patent pending resistance loop handles so you will have hand grips to use.

The SQUATX is best known for enabling high repetitions of perfect posture rolling wall squats that are less risky to your knees and back than traditional squats. This is because the device and the wall combine to offset the load forces upon the knees and back. It’s important to note, the SQUATX will not mark the fine walls or floors of your home or office as the exerciser's six non-marking wheels have been designed and tested for this purpose.

The SmithShaper® TR-BAR PLUS is the other multipurpose exerciser in the package and it provides a highly effective way to perform a variety of resistance exercises to tone, shape, strengthen and build muscle. This resistance band exerciser is truly special and unique amongst resistance band bars for the physical movement that can be accommodated during exercises. Moving multiple steps in any direction while simultaneously engaging your arms and legs enables you to better prepare your legs for sports and also enables you to get more out of your workouts from an aerobic conditioning perspective.

Best of all it, TR-BAR PLUS exercises are both fun and and challenging at the same time. For example, some TR-BAR PLUS routines require physical movement (lateral, forward and backward) while simultaneously enabling you to work your upper body. Some exercises, like the Single-Leg / Knee-Up Shoulder Press, will help you build muscle and can help improve your balance. Others, work your abs, legs and core from a supine position. Also, several additional body shaping resistance band exercises can be performed using the included door anchor system. The center post on the TR-BAR PLUS can be instantly unplugged in order to attach bands between the end of the unit’s top bar and the door anchor system. If that’s not enough, the TR-BAR can also be used in conjunction with the SQUATX to perform biceps curls and shoulder presses when doing SQUATX Power Squats and more.



• The SmithShaper® SQUATX™ MAX PLUS 85 Exercise System is our most robust fitness package providing all the exercise variety you need and more to tone, shape, strengthen and build muscle throughout your body.
• You can vary your daily workout in a way that best meet your needs while not having to repeat an exercise in consecutive weeks unless you want to.
• Includes a TR-BAR PLUS resistance band Tee bar that enables movement, balance, core training and a variety of full-body muscle development exercises. This Tee bar can also be instantly transformed to work as a traditional straight resistance bar with an included door anchor.
• Includes the SQUATX combination bodyweight resistance rolling exerciser and resistance band exerciser.
• The SQUATX enables the performance of perfect posture wall squats and various other body shaping and strengthening exercises. Several combination exercises are possible on the device enabling you to get more done in less time, e.g. rolling wall squats and resistance band chest presses at the same time.
• SQUATX exercises also include movement shadow boxing and pivot punching and a wide variety of resistance band exercises as well as critical rolling bodyweight resistance exercises such as ab rolls, core crushes, hamstring curls, plank walks, lunges, ice skaters, and much more.


• (1) SQUATX with adjustable elastic straps, two resistance connector eyebolts

• (1) SQUATX TR-BAR PLUS with a detachable 30-inch x 1.25 inch padded bar, a 13.5 inch aluminum center post, (2) attached metal O-rings, and (2) wire pin snap locks

• (2) 42-inch resistance loop bands, (2) 36-inch resistance loop bands, (3) carabiners, and instructions for all EIGHTY-FIVE exercises

• (1) Door Anchor

• (1) 20 in. x 14 in. illustrated exercise poster (adhesive vinyl) containing instructions for all EIGHTY-FIVE SMITHSHAPER® SQUATX MAX exercises

• SQUATX PRO: Model No: SQUATX-01 | Max Weight Capacity: 400 lb. / 182 Kg. | Measures: 12.25 in. x 16.5 in. x 2.5 in. | Weight: 3 lb. 4.4 oz | Constructed of ABS, carbon fiber, nylon, thermoplastic rubber and metal

• TR-BAR: Model No. SS-TR-BAR1 | Measures: 16 inch x 15.5 Inch x 2 inch | weight: 1 lb. 8.2 oz. | Constructed of aluminum, nylon, nitrile rubber (NBR) and rubber

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