Sio Dual-Wall Glass Set

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Sio Dual-Wall Glass Set

A Fine Dual-Wall Glass Set

The Sio Dual-Wall Glass is the perfect companion for the Sio Cold Infusion Pitcher. The advantage of dual-wall glass is that it can maintain the temperature of the beverage for a longer period of time, also blocking the temperature of the beverage from being transferred to the outside of the glass, making it more comfortable to hold when enjoying your drink. Aesthetically, the transparent dual layer creates a unique visual appearance as the liquid appears to float inside the glass.

Each glass is hand-crafted by our artisan glassblowers using fine quality borosilicate glass. The simple and elegant design of the Sio Dual-Wall Glass blends to any modern tabletop environment, making them the perfect glass for every occasion.

- Material: Fine Borosilicate glass
Volume: 8 fl oz / 236 mL

Package includes: Sio dual-wall glass x 4