L’Atelier du Vin Oeno Collection 2 Set

L’Atelier du Vin Oeno Collection 2 Set

Founded in France in 1926, L’Atelier du Vin creates sleek tools for opening, serving and preserving your favourite wines and champagnes. 

A useful collection for wine enthusiasts. A sommelier’s personal toolbox with all its wonderful objects. Your complete collection of wine tools to open, serve, taste and preserve rare vintages of red, white, champagne and sparkling wine.
Embark on an exceptional journey with Oeno Collection 2. Open the box. A chrome glow escapes from the wooden case, beautifully coated in a matte black finishing. Carefully arranged within, lie 7 ready-to-use, rustproof wine accessories, awaiting the engraving of their owner’s initials. The wine ceremony may now begin.

- Set of seven barware products in stainless steel. 
Includes hinged storage case in black.
- Stainless steel, metal, rubber.
- Imported.

Set Includes:

Chic Monsieur® Corkscrew
- Curved handle at top
Endless corkscrew-style
H16 x W6.9 cm

Gard'Vin® On/Off Metal and Bouchon Stopper
Vacuum-sealing wine preserver
Oxygenation level indicator
H15.8 x W3.6 x D3.6 cm

Pourer Leaf
Aerating open-mouth pourer
H9 x W3 x D1.5 cm

Cork Pliers
Suitable for champagne and sparkling wine bottles
H2 x W11.5 x D3.5 cm

Foil Cutter
Twin circular blades
H8 x W5 x D0.07 cm

Model 54
Universal champagne and sparkling wine stopper
H6 x W4 x D3.5 cm

Storage case
- H30 cm x W20 cm x D0.5 cm