Short Horned Golden Skull, 3D Papercraft Mask


Oscar Wilde once wrote, "We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell." If Satan has a say, you'll be wearing this paper crafted mask to haunt those who gamble with their souls. Featuring short horns and skull, the 3D paper face mask would make Lucifer proud.

Use our PaperCraft masks for costume parties, performances, special events, or just for plain fun. They can also be used as lamp covers, hung on walls, or however your creative mind can think! Paint them, colour on them, put your cat in them, or throw sparkles on them… They won’t mind.

- 3D PRE-CUT and PRE-FOLDED Paper Mask
- Follow the instructions to make your unique mask! No need for scissors and easy to assemble.
- Great for many occasions such as parties, festivals, shows and performances.
- Fold and paste according to the instructions and enjoy the fun of assembly.

This product comes in practical pre-cut and pre-creased numbered pieces and is not intended only for arts and crafts enthusiasts. This product is made for anyone and everyone and only requires a little patience and time. Just follow the instructions and have fun!

Difficulty: ★★ Easy
Measures HxWxD (cm/in): 18cm x 15.5cm x 8cm / 7.1" x 6.1" x 3.1"
Material: Fortified 250gsm paperboard - in other words, it’s strong!

Note: Glue or double sided tape is used for the assembly, due to shipping regulations we cannot include this in the shipment. It is possible to also add resin and/or spray paint the model after the assembly.