ReAthlete FOLD - Foldable Massage Gun


ReAthlete FOLD- Combat muscle pain, anywhere, anytime.

Enhance Mobility | Reduce Inflammation | Manage stress

Muscle pain and stiffness put a cramp in your daily routine and can lead to chronic pain, restrictions in mobility, anxiety, dependency on painkillers, and pricey visits to massage therapists and chiropractors.

We're here to provide you with an alternative, natural solution to alleviate pain and muscle discomfort anywhere, anytime.

Foldable with Zero Compromises.

Finally, a device that's got it all.

ReAthlete FOLD os a percussive therapy device designed to be your go-tp personal, powerful, and portable pain relief solution,

Our mission is to improve your quality of life by focusing on your health and promoting independence.

How does it work?
1. Unfold it
2. Select your head attachment and speed
3. Place REATHLETE FOLD on a problematic area

REATHLETE increases blood flow which can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension, relieve pain and break up stubborn knots,

4 Versatile Speeds to meet all your needs.
Adjust the treatment to fit your specific needs. Use a lighter speed for sensitive areas, or opt for faster relief with deep and powerful strokes.

20Hz / 1200RPM- For a muscle warm-up
30Hz / 1800RPM- For muscle relaxation
40Hz / 2400RPM- For lactic acid removal
54Hz / 3200RPM- For a deep massage

Ergonomic Adjustable Arm so you can reach all those tough spots.

REATHLETE FOLD ergonomic arm can open up to either a 90-degree or 45-degree angle, so you can get to all those tough-to-reach spots.

Reliable and Durable with 55LB stall force.
55LB stall force means you don't have to be gentle. Press as hard as you want- FOLD can handle it.

Best of all- You Can Take it Anywhere.
Pian can sneak up on us no matter where we are, that's why we've designed REATHLETE FOLD to fold up and travel with you. The premium hard case will keep your device and all its accessories safe.

With 5 Changeable heads for precise muscle targeting.
Whatever kind of relief you need, we've got the head for it. simply pop out the head in the device and snap a new one in.

Ball shape- Commonly used on big muscle groups like deltoids, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Also great for use around joints like knee and elbow.

Bullet- Use this to go deeper for targeted treatment. It's great for neural inhibition and lengthening of the muscle.

Wedge- Helps to reduce lactic acid in muscles. Recommended to use on shoulder plated and IT bands.

Fork- Great for recovery, as it increases blood flow. commonly used on bug muscle groups like pectoral, glutes, and back.

More Features of an A+ Percussive Therapy Device:
- 16.8 Brushless Motor
- Up to 5 hours working time
- Lightweight 0.8kg/1.75lb
- Super quiet under 45DB
- Durable
- Well-Designed

And all of the Benefits from REATHLETE (you're gonna wanna read this)
- Pain Relief
- Muscle recovery
- Releases lactic acid
- Increases blood and lymphatic flow
- Breaks up pesky knots
- Stress management
- Injury prevention
- Injury rehabilitation
- Activates the nervous spasms
- Help break up scar tissue
- Enhances range of motion