Quirky Prop Power Pro


Extension cord that wraps to prop
Prop Power Pro is a workshop-friendly version of our original wrap-around extension cord. It gives any handyman or handywoman the flexibility to wrap power around a table leg, ladder, or sawhorse to prop outlets for easy access. It’ll give you the reach and versatility you need to complete that long list of projects like a pro.

Provides the flexibility to wrap power around a ladder, table leg, sawhorse –or even a lofted dorm-room bed
9 foot extension cord
Offers enough reach and versatility to prop 3 AC outlets where they are needed
Bright yellow color on unit makes it ideal for the work area, highlighting potential tripping hazards
Available in Black&Yellow
Provides extra outlets for electronic devices
11.42" x 5.91" x 1.57"; 1.77 lb.
No assembly required
No liquids
Contains unit and instructions
1 year warranty