WAATR PureMax 4D Filtered Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Onyx - 25 oz

PureMax 4D Powered by world's first 4D Purification™ Technology. Includes best UV water purifier with 2X 20mW UV-C LED lights and a powerful water filtration system with a proprietary blend of coconut charcoal + ion-exchange resin to reduce sediments, chemicals, and metals.

  • 4D Purification® technology: 2x UV-C LEDs destroy bio-contaminants and coconut charcoal filters impurities in the water as you sip for maximum purification
  • Patented Spatially Placed Dual UV-C LEDs: Two is better than one. The patented spatially placed dual UV-C LEDs are designed to minimize the shadow effects caused by microscopic contaminants and enhance the UV-C exposure to destroy a wide range of bio-contaminants
  • Pro Self-Cleaning Bottle: UV-C LEDs activate every hour to keep the bottle odor-free 
  • Filter Cartridges: Pair your PureMax with one of the Filter Cartridges; 1) Purist Filter Cartridge: Coconut charcoal filter that reduces particulate, metal, and chemical contaminants. 2) Artesian Filter Cartridge: Purist filter + Proprietary blend of minerals to enhance the taste of regular water to artesian-tasting water. 3) Alkaline Filter Cartridge: Purist filter + Proprietary blend of minerals to enhance the pH of the water. Note: PureMax 4D bottle can also be used without the filter cartridges 
  • Spout Design: For convenient drinking 
  • Rainbow Handle: For convenient carrying
  • Wide-Mouth Bottle Design: Perfect for UV treat small objects inside the bottle
  • TSA-Friendly Design 
  • Lifetime Warranty

Included in the box:  

  • 4D Purification bottle cap
  • 32 oz triple wall vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel bottle (Limited Edition Bottle) 
  • 1x ARTESIAN filter 
  • 1x PURIST filter 
  • User manual 
  • Portless magnetic charger