Premier Dead Sea Prestige White Pearl Spot Whitening Treatment

Premier Dead Sea Prestige White Pearl Spot Whitening Treatment

An intense brightening spot treatment to help minimize areas of discoloration and improve skin clarity. This applicator is designed and composed to be able to repair particular dark spots chosen for a spot on treatment. Pearl powder contains the protein Conchiolin, which is similar to keratin and assists the skin to promote healthy collagen production and help brighten the skin. It is formulated with kojic acid, which is packed with vitamin C, helping to provide brightening properties. Also, we have advanced the cream with whitening peptides to help aid the skin in brightening troubled areas and help control melanin production. This exclusive blend quickly delivers potent brightening ingredients to help treat and prevent cellular discoloration for unsurpassed skin brightening.
Main Ingredients:Pearl Powder: Pearls are an ancient Chinese beauty secret that has been used for over 3,000 years for bright, lustrous, pure, beautiful skin. This pure finely milled pearl powder consists of 18 amino acids, and over a dozen essential minerals, it is easily absorbed by the skin and constitute crucial building blocks of collagen and protein for the skin. Lacking any one of the vital amino acids causes the skin to look discolored, dried, old, and wrinkled. Pearls help the skin blood circulation and promote regeneration of new skin cells providing a brightened, rejuvenated, and a flawless, silky complexion. As well pearl powder has a multitude of medicinal, whitening and anti-aging applications which keeps skin young looking.

Whitening Peptides: These whitening peptides are an active, continuous time release, encapsulated liposome peptide that penetrates the skin, taken from the medical field (known as Oligopeptide -68) to decrease skin pigmentation with a unique inhibitory action on the skin allowing for optimal whitening and lightening effect. Skin pigmentation is the result of melanin synthesis. The synthesis of melanin is the last step before melanin pigments transfer into a visible stage, and skin pigmentation appears. This encapsulated peptide inhibits the melanin synthesis and leads to a quick skin whitening effect. Peptides are one of the most promising discoveries in the last few years - an anti-aging powerhouse. Peptides are chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins in the skin- delivered through a liposome, and they are capable of penetrating the skin and sending signals to our cells to let them know how to function.

Kojic Acid: Kojic acid is a lightening agent extracted from different kinds of fungi that assist the skin brightening. It can prevent excessive melanin production by inhibiting the formation of tyrosine, helping to control the appearance of dark spots to the surface of the skin.

Dead Sea Minerals: The Dead Sea was formed over millions of years at the lowest point on earth 1378 feet below sea level in the middle of the African Fault. It's known as a prime spot for the skin-care industry, many thanks to the very high content of salt, minerals, and natural elements. These unique minerals help to rejuvenate, heal, and smooth the skin. Premier laboratories capitalize on this unique natural source and use it to produce the highest level of skin-care perfection. Relying on the Dead Sea's composition high levels of magnesium, calcium, silica, sodium, and potassium and advanced scientific processes, Premier's cosmetic products are the best of their kind.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is an exotic plant which is rich in vitamins and is known for its natural healing and calming properties. In addition to its soothing abilities, it supplies the skin moisture, encourages skin repair, relieves skin irritation, combats acne, and slows down the process of aging. Altogether, this plant does wonders to the skin, and when paired with active ingredients, aloe can deliver results faster-leaving skin nourished, refreshed, and balanced.

Liposome Complex Vitamin A & E: Our liposome complex is formulated to help deliver the active skin ingredients in the best and most efficient way. Vitamin A is a true superstar for the skin, and it is perhaps the best know anti-aging ingredient. It is an extremely active cell-communicating ingredient, which means it can connect to any skin cell and tell it to behave like a healthy, younger skin cell. It is an antioxidant and thus can interrupt the free-radical damage process that causes the skin to appear and act older. This action helps prevent wrinkles from appearing and increases collagen production for an overall anti-aging effect. As for vitamin E is the best antioxidant in the world, it protects the skin from environmental pollution. It has a protecting action against UV radiation, acts excellent moisturizer, and contains potent anti-inflammatory activity - which helps to prevent the signs of premature aging.

15 ml / 0.51 Fl.oz