Premier Dead Sea Premium Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment

$107.99 $119.99
Premier Dead Sea Premium Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment

Say good-bye to horrific, invasive procedures. This intensive treatment has been innovated to lift and firm skin to such a dramatic degree that you’ll turn heads. OSILIFT technology lifts skin and rebinds elastin and collagen fibers so skin snaps back to its original youthful state. This 3-step process has 12 treatments that can last you anywhere from twelve days to six weeks. With such an easy at-home treatment, you’ll wonder why you ever considered stepping into a doctor’s office. Premium Face Lift Treatment includes: - 12 Concentrated Cloth Masks - 4 bottles of three-dose Lifting Serum - 1 Lifting Cream Gel

Benefits: Each treatment lifts and firms skin for a tighter, tauter, firmer appearance.You can tailor the treatment based on your specific needs. You can opt for a more subtle treatment that you only need twice a week or chose an intense treatment that will last you up to 6 days.Compact packaging allows for easy storage of the treatment. 6 weeks worth of treatment can all be stored in your medicine cabinet or under the sink.


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