Premier Dead Sea Ageless Future Detoxifying Mask

Premier Dead Sea Ageless Future Detoxifying Mask

Our amazing Ageless Future Detoxifying Mask provides unprecedented results. The mask employs the Seamax Complex—a bio-scientifical breakthrough—that magically foams upon contact with the skin. This foam has two goals: facial detoxification and cellular-metabolism revival. To obtain these goals, the mask elevates the skin and opens the pores, thus perfectly removing all impurities and inserting nutrients directly into the skin cells. The immediate result is a purified, lifted, firm facial skin, with diminished wrinkles and practically no fine lines. The long-term results derive from the mask’s enhancement of cellular metabolism, which accounts for the continual removal of dead skin cells and the emergence of fresh ones. Ageless—because nobody would be able to tell your age!

60ml / 2.04fl.oz


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