ViraShield Multi-Use Personal Enclosure & Protective Cover


The recent Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to face a new reality and as we gradually return to a routine, our daily lives will be affected in many ways. As we struggle to remain protected, it’s clear that simple social distancing and a face mask will not give us the peace of mind we are looking for. Every train or bus ride to and from a seemingly regular activity, every second spent seated in a waiting room or while attending a class or a work meeting, exposes us to a potential threat to our own health as well as the health of our loved ones when we return home.

ViraShield is a personal enclosure that pops-up to give you 360-degree protection from contact, droplets and splashes, wherever you go and on-the-go. ViraShield comes in a foldable package that you can carry in your bag and assemble instantly so you are protected while seated on an airplane, a train, on a bus or in a waiting room or classroom.

The ViraShield’s durable yet breathable material enables a guarded and constant connection with the outside world, without compromising on comfort or convenience. To give you true coverage at all times, the ViraShield delivers six-way protection so that your body, your face and your hands are not exposed to droplets and that your body never makes contact with the seat you are occupying. Its smart, adjustable design includes armrest protection and enables various openings in line with your exposure and situation. ViraShield includes a reusable carrier bag that also doubles as a tray table cover. Objects you need inside the enclosure are easily inserted via a safe opening beneath the armrest area. A lightweight and user-friendly solution, ViraShield folds up for easy transport and pops-up to safeguard you wherever you are. Its long-lasting material means that it can be wiped down with a regular disinfectant and conveniently reused at any time.

Bullet Points:
• 4 adjustable positions increase or reduce ventilation: fully closed, fully open, side only and top protection
• Steel wire construction, PVC, BK, Polyester
• Premium zipper and pullers
• Top opens to allow extra airflow and/ or oxygen mask insertion on flights
• Smart storage bag included
• Super-lightweight
• Fits adults and children comfortably
• Covers armrest for comfort and support
• Side zippers for easy extraction of arms/ safe insertion of objects (i.e. charger, remote, wheelchair control)
• Breathable, anti-sweat material
• Convenient under-seat pockets for easy access to personal items
• Travel bag latches easily onto any trolley
• Allows for seatbelt closure and connection to seat
• Designed for optimal use on airplane with tray table protection
• Wipe down with simple home disinfectant for reuse

Open: 100*45*45 CM / 39.3*17.7*17.7 INCH
Close: 46 x 50 x 5 CM / 18 x 20 x2 INCH
1.2 kg / 2.7 lib
• 0.15mm transparent polyvinylchloride
• 100% PP Binding webbings
• Non-Woven material Bag
• Durable nylon Velcro
• PP string zipper, PET zipper Tape and zinc alloy Slider
• 100% fiberglass pole
• 100% steel string