Moving Flame Battery Operated LED Resin Candles


This set of three moving flame LED pillar candles in resin, paired with the warm glow of flickering light adds a beautiful ambiance to your home. These elegant battery operated cream candles are unscented and offer a convenient built-in 5 hour timer. They provide the beautiful look of real candles without the risk of a burning flame. The plastic construction keeps the candle surface clean and smooth without the chance for dents like real wax. The moving flame looks so real and casts natural light, you'll think it's a real candle.


Motion Flame

Timer: 5 Hours On 19 Hours Off

LED Light

Plastic Construction

Flickering Amber Glow

Glow Time: 800 Hours

Sizes/ 3"x3"x5", 3"x3"x7", 3"x3"x9"

Weight/ 1lb

Indoor Use