Minimal Coffee Grinder


Built for true coffee enthusiasts and specialty coffee connoisseurs, Minimal Portable Hand Coffee Grinder is a robust high precision hand coffee grinder with high performance stainless steel burr set design. Minimal Portable Hand Coffee Grinder has refined the geometry and structure of the conical blade burr set to get the grind performance they were looking for and the particle distribution which works best with brewing fresh ground specialty beans. The collapsible lower body compact design makes it much easier for traveling, and you can make your own cup of coffee anytime and anywhere.

Durable cast aluminum body
Ergonomic work flow for a good coffee grind
Precision adjustment system
Entirely metal - live without plastic
Diameter: 60 mm
Height: 185 mm
Height Collapsed: 150 mm
Weight: 730 g
Capacity: 40 g
Burr Material: SUS420
Burr Diameter: 40 mm
Burr Hardness: 56-58HRC
Materials: Stainless steel and aluminum