Milex Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator


This Cordless Tire Inflator inflated a mountain bike’s tire to 33 psi in just 31 seconds, a car’s tire to 35 psi in seven minutes and topped off an SUV tire from 30 PSI to 54 PSI in 12 minutes—all while other models took as long as a minute for a bike tire, 14 minutes for a car tire, and 17 minutes for an SUV tire.

Other inflators simply burned out and failed altogether. It automatically shuts off when it reaches a desired tire pressure. The desired pressure is set using its digital pressure gauge; a squeeze and release of the locking trigger begins inflation.

Recharges in three hours using the included AC adapter and comes with an 11'-long car adapter that powers the inflator directly. Integrated LED illuminates tire valves.

A flexible 5"-long air hose tipped with a thread connector ensures a proper seal with valves. Includes two recreation ball and inflatable toy adapters.