Logitrack Marble Track Puzzle

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Logifaces Logitrack

Logifaces are puzzles made out of concrete - an analogue game for digital minds. There is only one rule to the game: Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to build a continuous surface. The Logitrack version complements the surfaces with track segments. The player has to create a continuous track beside the continuous slope.
The set includes 18 concrete blocks and 2 steel marbles. With this set you’ll own 13 of the 27 different type of blocks. You are free to stack the blocks on the top of each other in order to create the longest slope using every block.

The set includes:
• 13 blocks based on a combination of 27 different elements
• gift box
• English description printed on the box

Concrete is a fragile material, handle with care!
Origin: All products are hand-crafted in Hungary, EU

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