Lamzac The Original Inflatable Lounger v3


The Lamzac® 3.0 has been revamped and improved. It's easier to fill, 15% lighter, more durable and more UV-resistant. A comfortable lounge bed or chair for two that you can fill with air within seconds using our unique filling technique. While the Lamzac® 3.0 is large and comfy when you use it, it is easily deflated and stored in a small carrying pack, allowing you to take it anywhere you want! As a result, the Lamzac® 3.0 is the perfect buddy for all your outdoor activities such as travelling, festivals, beach trips, hanging out in the park, and much more. With a wide range of new exclusive patterns and colors to choose from, there's a perfect Lamzac® 3.0 for everyone.

• Luxurious inflatable lounge bed or chair
• Easy inflation in just a few seconds
• High UV colorfastness and durable fabric
• Super strong (holds up to 550 lbs)
• Comes with attached elastic loop and screw in plastic stake
to keep your Lamzac® secure
• Dirt & moisture repellent
• Waterproof coating
• Indoor and outdoor use