Macaron Box Sampler (Signature assortment)

Macaron Box Sampler (Signature assortment)

Try our macaron soap treat sampler, which includes four sweet jumbo macaron soap treats of your choice!
Each extra large macaron soap is made with moisturizing coconut oil to help nourish and soften skin. Each four pack comes in a charming window box, making it stand out as one of the most unique gifts on Earth!

Choose From:
- Raspberranilla: Pink
- Caribbean Fruit: Red
- Lavender Blossom: Purple
- Peaches 'n Cream: Peach
- Meyer Lemon: Yellow
- Cucumber Mint: Mint Green
- Lily of the Valley: Pastel Blue
- Ocean Breeze: Dark Blue

Great for the bath, shower or near the sink for a fun and fragrant hand washing experience.
Every macaron is proudly handmade at our factory in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada!
Each macaron weighs a whopping 4-5 ounces and can last weeks in the shower or near your sink!

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