iRyno Infrared Forehead Digital Non-Contact Thermometer for Children and Adults | 3 Color LCD Display Accurate Fast Temperature Alarm


Designed with an advanced sensor, the iRyno Infrared Forehead Thermometer provides accurate and stable results while keeping you at a safe distance. The optimized optical path design in the sensor, combined with the chromed arched reflector, seize enough infrared rays from the testing object or body to give an accurate result because it reduces the influence of other rays.

High Accuracy and Instant Result
The easy to read results are displayed in the LCD screen in less than 2 seconds with a beeping sound and different colors for the 3 temperature ranges: Blue: No fever (< 99.5 ℉) Purple: Low fever (99.5 ℉ – 101.1 ℉) Red: High fever (≥ 101.3 ℉)

Non-Contact temperature Measurement
The iRyno Forehead Infrared Thermometer, has a measuring distance of 0.5 – 2 inches so you don’t have to touch the testing object. Choose between body (temperature range: 93.2 - 109.4 ℉) or object mode (temperature range: 50 - 122.0 ℉) for more accurate results and save your 50 last records in ℃ or ℉.

What's in the box
Two AA Batteries
Instruction Manual