Hot Ash Rambler


Are you ready to experience Wood-fired pizza, charcoal-seared steak, and a smokeless fire all in your own backyard? The Hot Ash Rambler is a 3-in-1 portable pizza oven, smokeless fire pit, and grill all-in-one.

HOW IT WORKS: The pizza oven and grill top are both attachments fueled by our smokeless fire pit. Thanks to the efficiency of the unit, your pizza oven can reach a prime cooking temperature of 750°F in just 20 minutes! Each attachment can be quickly secured to the top of the fire pit using the collar and can be removed and stored just as easily *(using heat-proof BBQ gloves of course). You'll even get a free pair of 900°F heat-proof gloves with your order!

STORAGE & TRAVEL: Don't worry about saving space when it comes to the Rambler. The unit can be easily collapsed into itself for storage and travel.

CLEANING: The fire pit has a special ash pan inside to catch all of that burned firewood. Once the ashes have cooled, simply slide the grate and ash pan out, and dispose of the ashes in a safe container.

DESIGN: These products are constructed with 304 (food grade) stainless steel and made in the USA. DIMENSIONS: Fully Assembled: 24.5"W x 24.8"D x 46"H Fully Stored: 24.5"W x 24.8"D x 31"H