Hot Ash Mini Rocket Stove


A portable, versatile, camping stove, the Hot Ash Mini is the perfect piece of camping gear for the lightweight hiker. It's a collapsible backpacking stove, which saves space in your pack. No more propane, alcohol, butane, or bulky fuel to pack. All you need is a handful of twigs. It also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.The chimney and burn chamber of the Hot Ash Mini are made from .020" titanium. While the front and rear feet are made from aluminum to add additional strength when using heavier kits. *While these feet do get hot, they will not heat up enough to release anything harmful into the air.Specifications:<1lb 7" x 2.3" nested dimensions Titanium with Aluminum feet Lifetime Guarantee How it Works: Once you light your fuel, the fire burns sideways because of drafted air. This air hits the back of the stove, creating turbulence - and thus a secondary burn. Because of the bottom chamber, pre-heated air combines with the secondary burn to create a super-hot fire!