Hidden Heat Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer by Spotwarm

Hidden Heat Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer by Spotwarm

About this item
HIDDEN HEAT - Fits under the fitted sheet at the base of the bed. Cords remain hidden as you control through a convenient wireless RF remote.
SUPPORTS REM - Heated feet help you fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep for longer.
ADJUSTABLE HEAT – Find your perfect warmth with 6 different heating levels each with their own auto-shutoffs
EASY-TO-USE - 13ft Long power cord is more than long enough to reach any outlets easily and stay hidden underneath the bed.
SUPER COMFORTABLE - Microplush flannel allows the warmer to fit seamlessly under the fitted sheet, providing added comfort to your feet in addition to heat. Turn the warmer vertical for a full body heat experience.
UNPARALLELED WARMTH - Quick heating wire grid heats up the foot of the bed warmer faster than standard electric warmers and retains heat for longer. Description: Heated mattress pad with 6 adjustable heat settings and extra long power cord. Comes with wired and wireless remote control. Voltage Power Required:110-120V
Queen Size - Pad size 60” x 24”
King Size - Pad size 74” x 28”