HammerNRG Deep Tissue Body Massager with Muscle Rub Gel

$89.00 $399.00

The HammerNRG Deep Tissue Body Massager targets deep within your muscles to help soothe everything from knots to stiffness and cramping. Multiple heads provide varying levels of firmness, while the facial attachment delivers a specialty massage.

Soothe and relieve aching muscles with this speed-controlled massager sporting a cordless design for convenient use. Paired with the massager, this muscle rub gel made from Arabica coffee and cayenne warms skin for quicker muscle recovery.


  • Cordless massager for easy use whenever you need
  • Adjustable speed for controlling the levels of intensity
  • Uses different massage heads designed to soothe tight joints, stiff muscles, knots, back pain, stiff necks, and sore shoulders
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Muscle rub gel helps to reduce pain
  • Gel heats up the area, improves blood circulation, and helps to speed up recovery

How it works:

  • Arm Stick: sports massage for arms, elbows, ankles and other sore joints
  • Point Stick: reflexology and acupressure
  • Air-Cushion Stick: for knees, ankles or other joints (Swedish massage)
  • 3-Head Stick: for waist, back or thighs (deep tissue and sports massager)


  • HammerNRG Body Massager
  • 4-oz. Iced Coffee Muscle Rub Gel