Fresh Scented Wax Candle Collection

Peach, White, Sky Blue

The Fresh Candle Collection will keep your home smelling fresh and clean. The collection includes 3 different fresh scents, Fresh Linen, Relaxing Spa and Spring Shower. Each candle is made from the finest paraffin and soy in a 10oz glass jar with a silver lid. Each candle burns for up to 55 hours. Fresh Linen fills the air with a clean, crisp, fresh scent. Relaxing Spa provides the soothing fragrance of a day at the spa. Spring Shower offers a crisp clean fragrance of a fresh Summer rain.


3 Candles (one of each scent)

Burn Time: 55 Hours

75% Paraffin/ 25% Soy

Color: Peach, White, Sky Blue

Cotton Wick

Size/ 3.5"x3.5"x4"

Weight/ 3lb