Lexon Flip+ Travel Alarm Clock

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The Flip+ Travel Alarm Clock is based on Lexon’s iconic alarm clock—now in a smaller travel size with an alarm off switch so you can easily take it with you. Interactive, clever and fun, Flip+ Travel has ON embossed on one side of the clock and OFF on the other. The alarm is activated or deactivated by the simple gesture of flipping the clock over—so there’s no fumbling for buttons during that first waking moment. 

Features of the Lexon Flip + Travel Alarm Clock include:

  • Integrated touch control—touching the clock triggers the snooze & light display.
  • Silicone rubber finishing for a soft touch.
  • Compact size: 0.9h x 3.3w x 2d.
  • LCD alarm clock.
  • Reversible electroluminescent display.
  • ON/OFF interfaces.
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (included).
  • Switch OFF alarm button.