FLi PRO Telescoping Canopy Light with 8ft Extension


The FLi-PRO flashlight head is extremely unique and innovative. It features a 360° canopy light that fires a ring of high intensity LEDs down to the ground from a height of 8 feet when mounted on the telescoping pole. For easy operation once mounted, the light comes with a wireless remote control, allowing users to control all light functions from a distance. Users can quickly disconnect the light from the pole and use it as a traditional flashlight by turning on the spotlight located at the top of the head. If hands free lighting is needed, the neodymium magnet embedded in the tail of the flashlight connects to any steel surface. In addition, dual nested hang hooks in the head allow users to hang the FLi-PRO overhead and use the 360° canopy light in any location.

The FLi-PRO is powered by a very capable 21700 lithium-ion battery with a massive 4000mAh capacity. It will power the LEDs up to 1200 total True Lumens. The power can be dialed back by dimming any feature to lower the light output, while simultaneously preserving battery power. Turn to red mode, which preserves your natural “night vision” by not dilating your eyes as much, or switch into flashing hazard mode for emergency situations. When it is time to recharge, utilize the quick charging USB-C port.

The FLi-Pro is held steady by its cast aluminum tripod located at the bottom of the telescoping pole. Each leg of the tripod has an extendable earth spike that can be spiked into the ground for 100% stability, or fully extended when on hard surfaces to increase the overall footprint and stability of the tripod. The tripod legs are also independently adjustable to account for uneven surfaces. The ball joint at the top of the tripod allows the user to fine tune the angle of the telescoping pole, to ensure it is perfectly vertical and stable.

The Telescoping pole is constructed of reinforced fiberglass, like a premium fishing pole, making it both extremely lightweight and durable. Each extension of the pole uses a tight friction fit to lock in place independently allowing the user to select different heights all the way up to 8 feet tall (including tripod). The entire package including the light, telescoping pole, and tripod weighs less than 2 lbs, making this powerful light easy to transport.

Use the FLi-PRO Telescoping Canopy Light when camping, working around the house, late nights in the backyard, or for garage projects. Enjoy high quality lighting from an elevated level 8 feet off the ground. The evolutionary design makes the FLi-PRO quite possibly the best hand-held and handsfree flashlight on the market.