FLEXIT Headlamp PRO 6.5- 650 Lumens


Weighing in at only 5.8oz, the ultra-thin and lightweight FLEXIT Headlamp PRO combines comfort & ergonomics, with performance & usability. It features a modern design which has never been seen on other headlamps. This design solves “tunnel vision” caused by traditional headlamps by utilizing side mounted flood lights that create 240° “HALO style” lighting. These side mounted lighting panels are C.O.B. LEDs and they can fill an entire room with even lighting. Combine that with the power of the adjustable, center mounted, CREE spotlight, and the user can see well into the distance while also lighting the entire immediate area. The total system emits a blinding 650 lumens.

The FLEXIT Headlamp PRO features multiple lighting modes, which are all individually controlled with their own button, and can be used independently or simultaneously. The flood and spot modes are controlled with a tap of the “temple buttons” uniquely located at the temple of the wearers head. This premium headlamp also features front and rear red LEDs for “night vision” and a very innovative hazard mode.

The hazard mode enables the rear facing red light, and side mounted flood lights, to blink while the focal spotlight remains solid on high power. This ensures that the user is seen from all angles, but still allows the user to adequately illuminate the task at hand. This safety feature is perfect for identifying a lost hiker, illuminating a runner or biker, or alerting oncoming traffic during roadside repair.

Powered by a 3350mAh rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery, the FLEXIT Headlamp PRO has the battery capacity to support all of these features and power. Additionally, most rechargeable headlamps and flashlights offer a sealed battery with USB charging. The FLEXIT Headlamp PRO gives the user the ability to either, charge the battery via USB, or swap it out for a fully charged backup battery. This is invaluable in power out / emergency situations, or long excursions where charging batteries is not an option.

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