FireXO Pan-Fire Extinguisher Sachet

FireXO Pan-Fire Extinguisher Sachet

The Firexo Pan Fire Sachet is a compact solution designed to extinguish pan fires quickly and safely while reducing the risk of re-ignition. Most domestic fires are started in the kitchen and often involve cooking oil. Traditional fire blankets are cumbersome to use, especially a panic or stressful situation. The Firexo sachet is easy to use – No complicated instructions, just turn off the heat and place the whole unopened sachet into the pan and let Firexo do the work. Easy to clean and safe to use.
- One easy to use extinguisher sachet for all pan fires: The award-winning Firexo Sachet is a compact solution, designed to extinguish all pan fires (Class K) quickly and safely
- Quick and easy to use: The Firexo sachet is simple – there is no need to open the Sachet. The fire ruptures the sachet and the fluid disperses and extinguishes the fire
- No mess: Easy clean-up since the foamy sachet fluid stays inside the pan and can be easily disposed of afterwards. No nasty chemicals makes it more eco-friendly
- Easy to Use: Removes the confusion of which type of extinguisher to use on different types of chip pan fire. Suitable for ALL pan fires - puts out up to 0.8gal of cooking oil
- Fast and effective: Simply place into the pan carefully at arm’s length and release. Ideal for use in the home kitchen, restaurants, when self-catering, RV, motor home and campsite
- Box Contents: Extinguisher Sachet, Instruction Manual
- Sachet Capacity: 0.03 Gallons
- Product Weight: 2.76 pounds
- Product Dimensions: 13 x 2.75 x 0.25 inches
- Product Weight: 0.45 pounds
- Fire Classes Tested: K
- Type of Fire Classes: K (Cooking Oils)