Fancii Remi Uplift Facial & Body Massage Roller w/ Gua Sha


Description: Discover the innovative facial massage roller that’s taking Hollywood by storm! Remi is embedded with 30 Germanium-infused stones and a Rose Quartz stone. When rolled over the skin’s surface it stimulates blood circulation increasing collagen production and improving texture, firmness, and elasticity. The Germanium stones attract harmful positive electrons from the skin caused by our overexposure to phones, and other electronic devices and which contribute to our skin prematurely aging. Remi face roller can also be used all over the body to deliver an invigorating massage and relieve tension and stress. Use the rose quartz stone on the end to gently massage around the eyes and temples for the ultimate soothing at-home massage!

Tone & firm your facial muscles in just 3 min each day
Depuff your undereyes with the cooling mini gua sha
Relax and rejuvenate your face and neck muscles
Target acupressure points to reduce aches & pains
Adored by all skin types

30 Germanium-Infused Stones
Brazilian Rose Quartz Gua Sha
No Batteries Needed
Suitable For Most Skin Types

Usage: Personal Facial Care
Size: 2.36" x 5.70" x 0.78"
Weight: 0.42 lbs.
Material: Glass/ ABS Plastic