Fancii Cami LED Handheld & Vanity Mirror


Meet Cami, your new LED-lighted handheld mirror! An instant upgrade from your traditional non-lighted hand mirror, Cami’s 3 customizable lighting options have your face covered under any lighting conditions. Thanks to its rechargeable design, you can detach Cami from its stand and get up close and personal for plucking and blending to perfection. Cami flaunts a 6-inch, 5x magnifying mirror that showcases your full face to never miss a single detail. Use it both on and off the stand for ultimate versatility.

Product Dimensions:
• Size: L 0.40" x W 0.32" x H 12.85"
• Weight: 1.93 lbs.

Product Material: Matte finish all around

How to use:
Cami can be used in 4 ways as:
1) A regular mirror (1X)
2) A magnifying mirror (5X)
3) A handheld mirror
4) A vanity mirror

Package Content: Cami Mirror, Detachable Stand, USB cord, User manual